Are you a from previously licensed Amateur Radio Operator who has not been active in the last five years and who are without a call sign? 

Here is some information on how to get back their authorization to operate again. Prior to April 1, 2000,
Amateur Radio Operators needed two authorization documents to operate amateur radio apparatus in the
amateur radio service: An Amateur Radio Operator Certificate issued for life with no fee associated with it;
and an Amateur Radio Station Licence issued on a yearly basis with renewal fees. The requirement to have
a Licence was abolished on April 1, 2000 and the Certificate became the sole authorization required to
operate in the amateur radio service. The following administrative steps were taken to implement these changes:

1. The licence was cancelled.
2. The call sign was transferred from the licence to the certificate.
3. The Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign Database was created and was given public access via the RAC
4. All Certificates with call signs were transferred from the internal Industry Canada database "CERTMAST" to
the new Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign Database.
5. All certificates with call signs were reissued and were mailed to the Amateur Radio Operators.

Amateur Radio Operators who did not have a valid licence on April 1, 2000 were left out of the process for
the following reasons:

1. There was no valid licence, so there was no call sign to be transferred to the certificate.
2. Without a valid licence, Industry Canada did not have a mailing address because there is no mailing
address in the internal "CERTMAST" database.

There are many reasons why an Amateur Radio Operator would not have a valid licence on April 1, 2000.
Maybe he lost interest in the hobby and did not renew his licence sometimes in the past. Maybe he could not
afford the annual renewal fee. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that his certificate is good for life and
he can apply at anytime for a new certificate with a call sign if he wants to get back on the air. Here is what he
should do:

1. Go to:
2. Click on " Available Canadian Call Signs "
3. Select up to 3 available call signs
4. Go to:
5. Click on " Radiocom "
6. Click on " Amateur Radio Service "
7. Click on " Certification "
8. In the fifth paragraph, click on " Application Form "
9. When Form IC2381BC has opened in PDF format, print it, fill it and send it to the Amateur Radio Service
Centre. Or, if the procedure above is too much, just call the Amateur Radio Service Centre for assistance. Do
not forget to mention that you had a certificate prior to April 1, 2000 and that you never received a new
certificate with a call sign. If you have your old certificate number and issue date, provide it along with your
name and date of birth. If you have lost your old certificate, your name and date of birth should be sufficient
for Industry Canada to find your old certificate in the internal " CERTMAST " database. Because this is your
first request and your initial call sign since April 1, 2000, there will be no charge to get your new certificate
with a call sign. Here are the coordinates of the Amateur Radio Service Centre:

Industry Canada
Amateur Radio Service Centre
P.O. Box 9654
Postal Station "T"
Ottawa, ON
K1G 6K9
E-mail address: <>
Telephone: 1-888-780-3333 (Toll free)

Donald Courcy
Regional Emergency Telecommunications Officer - Atlantic Region
1045 Main Street, 4th Floor, Moncton, NB   E1C 1H1
(506) 851-6542  Office Phone
(506) 851-7444  Office Fax
(506) 874-1003  Office Cellular
(600) 700-6965  Emergency Satellite Phone
Home address:  3 Emerald Crescent, Moncton, NB E1H 3E2
(506) 860-3378  Home Phone
(506) 871-3859  Home Cellular
Home Email:
Ham Radio Call Sign:  VE1CY
Frequencies/Modes: 1.8 MHz to 450 MHz - CW/SSB/FM

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