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Amateur Radio Examinations

For interested parties, the Summerside Amateur Radio Club has accredited examiners who are able to
administer all Amateur Radio Examinations on behalf of Industry Canada.  Information regarding the
accredited examiner program can be found in the Radiocommunication Information Circular 1 (RIC-1),
Guide for Examiners Accredited to Conduct Examinations for the Amateur Radio Operator Certificate.

For those looking for assistance in study preparation, Industry Canada has an exam generator program that will
test your knowledge for the Basic and Advanced examination.  The question banks (RIC-7 Basic) and
(RIC-8 Advanced) are also available for download.  A limited number of copies are available at the clubhouse.

There is also a self-study website HAMSTUDY.COM has been designed by
VE7AV - Frank VanderZande who has been involved in teaching ham radio courses for several decades. He recently
completed a 36 year career in communications and spectrum management in the federal government.

For those candidates that are visually impaired there is a course offered by the CNIB.
  To download the CNIB Amateur Radio Course in Microsoft Word  Click Here.
To view the Examiner notes in Microsoft Word Click Here.


Summerside Amateur Radio Club Examination Guidleines

*All examinations will take place on the last Sunday of the month at Noon after Sunday Swill (Click here for details
  about Sunday Swill) unless another time is negotiated, providing that two examiners are available.

> *The fee for the examination will be $20.00 payable at the time of the examination.

> *All requests for examinations must be received by the club secretary one week prior to the examination date.

> *If the candidate fails, the candidate may rewrite at any future examination session (No fee is required for a
  period of one year from the date of the initial examination).

> *All examinations will take place at the clubhouse depending on the number of candidates.  Candidates will be
  notified if there is a location change.


For those interested in writing an exam (Basic, Advanced, and/or Morse), please email the club secretary with
your name, email address, evening phone number and exam preference (Basic, Advanced, and/or Morse).


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