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Mon Mar 19, 2018

ICQ Podcast Episode 262 - Upgrading To Your Next Radio...

In this episode, Martin is joined by Chris Howard M0TCH, Dan Romanchik KB6NU, and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief, and this episode's feature is - Upgrading to your next radio by Chris Howard M0TCH

News stories include:-

-Nigeria Next to Get 60GHz
-2018 State of Ham Radio Survey
-2m Radio Support for Long Distance Walker
-Irish Ham Radio Examination Report
-Trevor Baylis, Wind-up Radio Inventor Passes
-Reduced Power for Swedish Amateur Radio Operators
-Radio Drone Makes KH6JF/MM Accessible Using FT8
-Auction of Former Amateur Radio Spectrum
-First Tunisian Individual Ham Radio Licenses Issued
-D-STAR Repeater GB7IC Nears 2000 Registrations

The ICQPODCAST can be downloaded from

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Sun Mar 18, 2018

HF transceiver with an autonomous ocean-going drone...

HF VOYAGER. David, AA6YQ, author of DXLab - "Better DXing Through (Free)
Software", posted the following:

"Jupiter Research Foundation Amateur Radio Club (JRFARC) has integrated an HF transceiver with an autonomous ocean-going drone. Our mission is to deploy a ham radio station that
roams the world's oceans while providing an opportunity for amateur radio
operators everywhere to make contacts with rare locations."
"We sent this new Voyager out to the open ocean on its way to California
on January 15th, 2018 as a passenger on the JRF HUMPACs mission. As they
search for 'missing' humpback whales, JRF's pilots will guide HF Voyager
to sections of the Equatorial North Pacific that are not normally available
to ham operators. The station will use FT8 and PSK-31 on the 20 meter band
as its primary operating modes. You may also find it using WSPR in times
of poor propagation." See
The portal in takes a minute or two to display
The club plans to give a certificate of recognition to operators world-
wide that have a confirmed contact with the HF Voyager. In the future we
hope to collaborate with Amateur Radio organizations and publishers to
sponsor operating events and contests for HF Voyager contact milestones.
Gridsquare collectors, maritime operating fans, Islands on the Air par-
ticipants, and all other hams interested in this unique opportunity to
make a contact with an autonomous roving maritime station should find
this to be an exciting new aspect of their favorite hobby.
Be sure to check out our HF Voyager Blog for updates and schedules:

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Sat Mar 17, 2018

[RAC-Bulletin] Canadian Radio Amateurs of the Year for 2017: Don Studney, VE7DS and Keith Witney, VE7KW

Canadian Radio Amateurs of the Year for 2017:
Don Studney, VE7DS and Keith Witney, VE7KW

Through the Amateur of the Year Award, Radio Amateurs of Canada recognizes the outstanding contributions made by Canadian Amateurs to Amateur Radio in Canada and internationally.

As announced in the March-April 2108 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine, the RAC Board of Directors takes great pleasure in selecting Don Studney, VE7DS and Keith Witney, VE7KW, as co-recipients of the RAC Amateur of the Year Award for 2017 for their work that made VE100VIMY a part of Canadian Amateur Radio history.

The project was a uniquely Canadian special event station VE100VIMY, and the conception, planning, organizing and fulfillment of the project was done by Don Studney, VE7DS, Team Leader and Keith Witney, VE7KW, Deputy Team Leader and Chief Engineer of the Vimy Commemorative Station Society. Together, Don and Keith made the project happen, a project that involved more than 40,000 Amateurs around the world!

To read all about Don and Keith's significant contributions please visit:

The RAC Board considers nominations for this award and presents it if and when the nomination demonstrates the exceptional contribution made. If there are several nominations the best for that year is approved. With the addition of Don and Keith to the list, only five Canadian Radio Amateurs have received the award since 2010.

For more information on the RAC Amateur of the Year Award please visit:

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director

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Sun Mar 04, 2018

2018 State of Ham Radio Survey....

2018 State of Ham Radio Survey

Dustin Thomas N8RMA is conducting his second State of Amateur Radio survey....

Once again I'm hosting a "State of the Hobby" survey for 2018.
This started out in 2017 as simple curiosity. While browsing Reddit I began to notice several users posting surveys for highly specific topics. I made sure to participate yet often wondered what the results were.

I then decided to host my own survey, to collect the opinions from the community on topics that I cared about. I wanted to ensure I made the results widely available for anyone to consume for whatever reason, which you can find below.

2018 Survey:

This is the second year I've hosted this survey. Last year I had 688 unique respondents. While this is a good amount of responses, given the amount of amateur radio operators out there, I'm striving to increase this amount each year of the survey. I'm a year older and a year wiser, as such I've listened to user feedback on my survey from last year and attempted to incorporate that constructive feedback moving forward.

Please, help me by completing the survey and passing it on to others who may find it interesting. Thank you!

--- Privacy Notice --- I am not affiliated with a company or organization, I am merely an individual conducting a survey for myself and others to learn more about the state of the hobby. Just a guy in Michigan. Any demographic questions are optional and are fairly standard for surveys. No data will be sold or given to anyone - it's to be used by me personally for the survey results only.

2017 Survey Results:

G4TUT, Yesterday at 10:17 AM #1

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