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Summerside Amateur Radio Club

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Wed Mar 22, 2017

[RAC-Bulletin] RAC website and email service back online

We are happy to report that the RAC website and the @rac email service are now back online.

Thank you for your patience during this transition to the new server and Internet Service Provider.

Paul Burggraaf, VO1PRB
RAC Chief Information and Technology Officer

Alan Griffin
RAC MarCom Director
720 Belfast Road, #217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5
613-244-4367, 1- 877-273-8304

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Sat Mar 18, 2017

[RAC-Bulletin] Distracted Driving in Canada: An Update March 17, 2017:

Distracted driving regulations continue to be an area of interest for many Canadian Radio Amateurs. These regulations are made and enforced by Provincial governments and can vary considerably from province to province and over time. Radio Amateurs of Canada has prepared a list of links to current regulations in all provinces that have established them. They can be found at:†

Radio Amateurs of Canada representatives in our regions often work to clarify regulations where Amateurs may be caught up in them or when the regulations are being created or modified. A Subcommittee has been formed to monitor the legislation and work with government officials on a province by province basis to look after the interests of Canadian Amateurs. This committee is under the direction of RAC British Columbia/Yukon Lead, Bill Gipps, VE7XS. Two provinces are the focus of current activity: British Columbia and Ontario.

In British Columbia, Bill Gipps, VE7XS, together with two local Amateurs (Chris Scholefield, VE7QCS and Dave Miller, VE7HR), has met several times with representatives of the BC Government to discuss BC distracted driving regulations and their application to Amateur Radio. The BC Amateurs were pleased with the significant progress made through these sessions and continued to follow the process while the BC Government engaged other stakeholders and solicited their input. The process was recently completed and a new, clarifying document was published by the Government on its website at:† This document, while not perfect, does address the use of hand microphones that had been the major issue earlier. It should be printed and kept in your vehicle along with a copy of your Amateur Radio Operatorís certificate.†

In Ontario, a temporary exemption for Amateurs in Ontario is due to expire on January 1, 2018. RAC Ontario South Director Phil McBride, VA3QR and RAC North/East Director, Al Boyd, VE3AJB, have obtained some letters of support, but more are needed. They are looking for additional letters of support from organizations that support Amateur Radio communications. We need to show our Provincial governments the importance of Amateur Radio and why we require the ability to communicate from our vehicles for public service events like parades, walk-a-thons, bike rallies and, most importantly, for emergency communications and Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) activities that support first responders like Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). We have been in touch with the Minister of Transportation's policy advisors and a meeting has been scheduled for this spring to explain our position and these letters are needed to provide additional support. We would appreciate it if you would please forward them to your Regional Director listed below. We have received word that the Ontario Government is considering the Amateur Radio exemption issue.

RAC will continue to provide additional information about distracted driving regulations on the RAC website as it unfolds. If you have any questions or concerns or you would like to send a letter of support, please feel free to contact your Director at any time at the address shown on page 4 of The Canadian Amateur magazine and on the website at†

Allan Munnik, VA7MP/VE7RMP
Director British Columbia/Yukon
Radio Amateurs of Canada
22444 72nd Avenue
Langley, BC V2Y 2K4

Allan Boyd, VE3AJB
Director Ontario North/East
Radio Amateurs of Canada
27 Red Mill Road, Box 208
Little Current, ON P0P1K0

Phil McBride, VA3QR
Director Ontario South
Radio Amateurs of Canada
134 Longfield Road
Acton, ON L7J 2K4

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
Radio Amateurs of Canada
Send comments to:
Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
720 Belfast Road, #217, Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

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Fri Mar 10, 2017

Commonwealth Contest (BERU) This Weekend....

This is a friendly reminder that the Commonwealth Contest (BERU) is coming up in a couple of weeks (1000Z March 11 to 1000Z March 12). Full contest rules can be found here: Your participation, even for just a few minutes would be very much appreciated by everyone.

Bob G3PJT maintains a web site dedicated to the Commonwealth Contest that includes a more detailed analysis of the results, history of the contest, list of teams, news, etc. Bob's web site can be found here:

As Bob states on his web site, "The Commonwealth Contest or BERU, the longest running DX contest in amateur radio, promotes contacts between stations in the Commonwealth and Mandated Territories. A more relaxed contest environment gives the opportunity to work some choice DX."

Last year the following "Call Areas" were active: 3B8, 3B9, 3DA0, 4S7, 5B4, 5Z, 6Y, 8P, 8Q7, 9H1, 9J2, 9M2, 9M6, 9V1, A2, A3, A5, C4, C6, G, GI, GM, GW, J3, J7, T32, V3, V5, V8, VP8, VE1-7, VE9, VK2-4,VK6-7, VO1-2, VP9, VY2, VU, ZL1-6, ZB2, ZF, ZS

There is some nice DX listed there! Most of them will be active again this year, as will a few others not active last year, and will be much easier to work without the US and EU pileups calling them.

If you have any questions about the Commonwealth Contest I'd be more than glad to help out.

I hope you can find a few minutes (or more!) to get on for the Commonwealth Contest!.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in participating in the Commonwealth Contest. The more participants the better!

I hope to work you in the contest!

73, Chris VE3FU

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Mon Mar 06, 2017

Summerside ARC Meeting....

It is that time again -

The next monthly meeting for the Summerside Amateur Radio Club is this week.

When: March 08, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Clubhouse at 99 Harvard Street, Summerside PE

Hope to see you all there -

73, Rodney VY2CGA

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